I Can!

As an ‘I Can! Day Nursery’ the emphasis at Scamps is on empowering every child to believe in themselves, have confidence in their actions and faith in their abilities.

We aim to ensure that each child builds a positive self-image and leaves us with an I Can attitude, ready to take on the world, well primary school to start with!

We ensure that the nursery is a positive and affirming place to be. Our staff encourage each child to try new things, challenge each child to push themselves further and praise their successes, near misses and the “you’ll get it next time” in equal measure.

Having an “I Can” mindset gives all of our children the confidence and belief that they “Can Do It” as long as they keep trying.

We don’t do “failure” and “I can’t do its”. Obviously, children don’t always succeed at their task every time, but each attempt is a step along the road to being able to achieve the objective. We ensure that this is a positive process and experience, that leaves each child with the belief that they can do anything if they set their heart to it.

At Scamps we encourage, we never discourage, we always try to say yes and avoid saying no, we challenge and we praise at every opportunity, we work hard to build each child’s self-belief and self-confidence and we do everything in partnership with home.

At Scamps We don’t do fear of failure…

We believe in “I Can”.

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