Happy Children

Children love adventures. They love new challenges, trying new things, making new friends, learning new skills and the positive feedback they get from all of our staff. They love to be empowered, they love to be rewarded, they love to be praised, and they love to believe that “I Can”.

Children love quiet time. Reading a new book or having it read to them while they look at the pictures in a cosy corner. Children love dressing up and being a prince or a princess. Building castles and having a wonderful adventure all of their own. Children love discovering things for the first time; babies’ treasure baskets filled with new shapes, textures and colours, toddlers feeding the ducks, tweenies turning boxes into magical vehicles and Pre-schoolers learning to write their names and master their numbers.

In our latest survey 100% of all respondents said that their children were happy at Scamps.

At Scamps our staff carefully plan each day to ensure that the children can do the things that they individually love.

The number one priority of our staff is to ensure that all of our children are happy and safe. They achieve this each day by creating a room full of exciting activities and experiences for the children to explore and enjoy.

At Scamps we praise and reward effort rather than outcome. This approach encourages children to try new things regardless of whether they do it well or not. Our aim is to remove any sense of fear of trying something new and encourage our children to be happy little learners.

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