Our Philosophy

Excellence in early years care
and pre-school education

At Scamps, we understand how important the first five years of a child’s life are, and we feel privileged to be invited to play a part, in preparing each child for the adventures that lie ahead for them at school and beyond.

To play our part to the full, we believe we need to provide the very best care to ensure that every single child is happy during the time they spend with us. Our experienced and highly qualified staff ensure that every day is fun, exciting and rewarding and in a recent parents’ survey, 100% of parents said that their child was happy at Scamps.

My passion and vision for Scamps is to make every day magical and marry the best possible care with the highest level of child development

Deborah Sutton, Owner and Pre-School teacher

We also believe that location is essential. Located within Macclesfield’s South Park, our nursery grounds extend far beyond our large playground, lawns and car park, and include the 44 acres of fields and trees purpose-built for running, playing, laughing and exploring. We also make full use of the park’s large duck pond and its wide array of wildlife. Not only the ducks and swans but the myriad of mini-beasts all of whom help our children develop a closer understanding of nature and the seasons.

Finally, we believe in education. Not the stuffy sitting at desks kind, but the fun exploring self-discovering kind. The owner of the nursery Deborah Sutton has until recently been a primary school teacher with over 18 years working at the very highest standards in Outstanding schools and she brings this educational excellence to everything we do.

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