Our Superstar Team

We are committed to providing the very best care and education to all of our children and we cannot do that without having the highest quality of staff with years of experience. All of our staff feel passionate that your child’s time with us should be both magical, stimulating and challenging, to build a positive mindset and a love of learning.

The majority of the team have been with the nursery for many years, and we are proud that staff choose to stay with us. We believe that having the correct mix of younger and older staff is key to providing the highest level care. Our younger staff are fantastic but the knowledge and experience of our older staff who have seen and dealt successfully with every potential situation time and time again is irreplaceable. We believe the maturity and experience of our team mean that you can leave your child with us knowing that they are in the safest of hands and receiving the best possible care.

All of our staff feel passionate that your child’s time with us should be magical and productive.

Key Workers

At Scamps, each member of our team is responsible for their own small group of children through our key worker system. We encourage children to chose their own key worker, the person they are most naturally comfortable with. Each key worker builds a close relationship with each of their key children and is responsible for monitoring and planning each individual child’s development on a daily and weekly basis.

The key workers are also the main contact with the parents of their key children. You will get to know your child’s key worker and build a relationship where not only do we provide information about your child’s day, but we work with you to coordinate activities between home and nursery.

We have a fantastic team of passionate and dedicated professionals who have been at Scamps for many years, and we understand that your child is the most important person in the world and only the very best, safest and happiest care and environment will do.

Our staff understand the important role they play in each child’s formative years and work hard to ensure that first and foremost each child is happy, safe and cared for.

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