Our Nursery

Scamps is a purpose-built children’s Day Nursery and Pre-school built in 1999.

It is a single storey building designed with 0-4-year-olds in mind, so there are no dangerous steps or stairs, and all of the rooms are bright, happy and welcoming.

The baby room for our 3 months to 12-month-olds is designed to be smaller than the other rooms. This room has a calm and homely feel, deliberately designed to feel intimate and safe to help your precious baby quickly settle into the nursery and be your home from home.

Our Willows Room is designed to meet the needs of our 12-months to 24-month-old children. This room is slightly larger than the babies room, and this extra space allows the staff to set up lots of exciting age-appropriate activities. The Willows Room also has access to its own outdoor garden, with soft rubber play area and a large artificial grass area that lets our little ones play outside regardless of the weather.


Our Tweenies Room is for our lively two to three-year-olds. This room is larger still, and this space allows our more energetic two-year-olds the space to explore and have lots of fun. As with all of the rooms, each day sees new age-appropriate activities for the children to explore. The Tweenies Room also has access to its own outdoor play area allowing the children to decide for themselves if they want to play inside, or have fun outside.


Our Pre-school room is our largest room by far and is separated into learning and creative zones. These areas contain a wide range of activities and learning opportunities, and as with our other rooms, these activities change on a daily basis. Once again the Pre-school room leads directly onto its own outdoor play area complete with pirate ship and artificial grass mounds that the children love to run and ride up and down. This combination of age-appropriate indoor and outdoor areas allows all of our children the opportunity and space they need to grow, explore and learn.

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